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Illinois developments being contemplated or constructed within the villages represented by HBE are subject to our reviews and recommendations. As Village Engineers, Hoefferle-Butler must assure that all construction projects within our communities are designed to the parameters of generally accepted engineering practice and are constructed to Federal, State and Local Codes. Plan reviews begin at the conceptual stages with meetings and consultation between developers and Village Staff. Once concept plans are considered acceptable, our reviews take the project through zoning and planning hearings, proceeding to final engineering and Village Board approvals. While our reviews include numerous subdivision and site plan reviews for commercial and industrial projects, our firm has recently addressed the following larger scale developments:

Sante Fe Area Annexation/Development
Willow Springs, IL

The Village of Willow Springs recently annexed into its municipal boundaries over 100 acres, most of which were known as the Sante Fe racetrack. Bordering Flag Creek with its adjacent flood plain and wetland issues, the property also included rolling hills and mature stands of trees, all of which added to the many elements of design. Sewer and water were not immediately available to the area, which required a large regional sewage lift station and offsite sewer and water main extensions. Development ultimately consisted of over 100 single-family home sites, and 131 townhome units complemented by over 27 acres of parks and open space. As Village Engineer, HBE was responsible for project planning and plan review with recommendations made to the Village and was actively involved in the annexation, zoning and planning process. HBE also reviewed and coordinated engineering issues and design, including the coordination with the MWRD to assume control of the completed regional sewage lift station, which resulted in considerable savings to both the developer and Village. Flood Control issues and permitting were completed allowing construction to begin. HBE was responsible for plan review, establishment and monitoring of required security accounts for public improvements, and the coordination, construction observation, and administration of engineering improvements for the project.

A 30+acre segment of Willow Springs received designation as a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District to fuel the process for development of a new award winning town center area for the Village. HBE worked closely with the Village Board and Plan Commission, as well as Bond Council, Village Planning Consultants, project Master Planners, and interested developers to formulate the proper zoning and development concepts and ordinances. Preliminary concept plans were developed and approved and preceded to final engineering following the requisite reviews and Public Hearings. As Village Engineers, we were responsible for plan review, establishment of required security accounts for public improvements, establishment and continuous review of project costs for TIF accounting requirements, coordination, construction observation, and administration of engineering improvements for the $50-million dollar Village Center Redevelopment Project. The project consisted of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing infrastructure, development of a 131-unit townhome phase, along with commercial and high-rise condominiums. Additionally, a new Village Hall was constructed and plans for a new restaurant and Metra Station were developed.