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Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Willow Springs, IL

As part of a complete sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation program to comply with IEPA and MWRD mandates, HBE coordinated the testing, monitoring, evaluation and rehabilitation of over 20 miles of sanitary sewers and appurtenances throughout the Village of Willow Springs. Our services included the preparation of final engineering drawings for the entire public system and also private service(s) rehabilitation, preparation and assistance in bid letting and the preparation of and coordination of grant application for reimbursement. Project costs totaled more than $800,000.

Combined Sewer Improvements
Bedford Park, IL

As Village Engineers, HBE was responsible for the preliminary review and evaluation of videotapes for 7,200 lineal feet of combined sewer ranging in size from 69-inch to 90-inch diameter pipe. The existing sewer is constructed entirely of brick with a 1,000-foot section lined with gunite. The section of pipe that was gunited was beginning to show deterioration and was determined to require repairs. Approximately 350 lineal feet of this portion of sewer passes under an existing office building. Based upon the location and depth of existing sewer, the method of repair chosen was cured in place lining. The estimate of cost for repairs is $1 million. The Village has not budgeted for these repairs at this time. The existing brick sewer will continue to be monitored and evaluated for necessary preventative maintenance/repair.