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With urban development continuing at a record pace and the demand for Lake Michigan Water growing each day, HBE must closely monitor and update the capabilities of the Village of Bedford Park Water System. Because of its heavy industrial base, Bedford Park has historically maintained its system to provide for a high demand for water. Past projects we have completed include:

  • The planning, design and construction of a water works department office, garage and pump room.
  • The planning, design and construction of three precast concrete water storage reservoirs totaling 11 million gallons.
  • Yearly review and submittals of forms for the Village?s Lake Michigan Water Allocation.
  • Numerous water main extensions to upgrade the system totaling over $4.2 million dollars.
  • Preliminary and final design and construction for installation of new water meters in the residential area.

Recent requests from the Village of Burr Ridge and American Water Works (formerly Citizens Utilities) have led to two of our more interesting projects.