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As Village Engineers, Hoefferle-Butler must assure that all construction projects within our
communities are designed to the parameters of generally accepted engineering practice and are constructed to Federal, State and Local Codes. Plan reviews begin at the conceptual stages with meetings and consultation between developers and Village Staff. Once concept plans are considered acceptable, our reviews take the project through zoning and planning hearings, proceeding to final engineering and Village Board approvals. Upon receipt of proper permits, the construction is allowed to proceed. At this point our field personnel start observing construction operations to determine if construction is proceeding within acceptable tolerances of the approved engineering drawings. Our field representatives review the day-to-day proceedings of construction operations and notify staff engineers of any problems encountered that may require redesign. With over 60 years of combined knowledge in the areas of underground construction and construction management, our field representatives are capable of handling any construction issue. Staff engineers review and monitor the progress of construction to assure completion of required public improvements and work closely with Village Staff to maintain the required level of security or Letters of Credit to complete those improvements should the developer fail to do so.

Construction management and field observation procedures are followed for projects as small as two lot subdivisions, larger commercial/industrial sites, and large planned unit developments (PUDs). Examples of PUDs currently under construction are the $50-million Village Center Redevelopment Project in the Village of Willow Springs and the 252-unit development by Concord Homes within the Village of Justice.

Willow Springs Homes